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Becker Constructions part of Council Program to build better relationships with employees

Becker Constructions is proud to be involved in a Sunshine Coast Council campaign to support the mental health and well-being of those working in small business throughout the region.

Featuring in a video talking about the importance of looking after and supporting your staff which is part of Australian-first free well-being program to small and medium-sized businesses, launched by Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with Mindstar.

The B-Well and Prosper online portal that connects small business owners and their employees to information on how to establish healthy workplaces, looking after yourself, stress in the workplace - including cash flow stress, and how to manage signs of employee burn out.

Sunshine Coast’s Economic Development and Innovation Councillor Cr Stephen Robinson said the online portal was available free to businesses by registering at

The portal includes a workplace wellbeing toolkit designed to proactively manage common workplace stresses and address emerging issues. “Smaller business owners often don’t have the budget to invest in stress, wellbeing and mental health support for themselves or their employees and can feel like they are doing it all on their own,” Cr Robinson said.

“Council is proud to be working alongside local wellbeing expert Aaron Williams, founder of Mindstar, and corporate partners to deliver an introductory small business support portal that provides business advice as well as wellbeing support and strategies to support business owners, their staff and our region to B-Well and Prosper.


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